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Music Festival Backpacks
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Music Festival Packed Backpacks

Choice of holographic or clear backpacks packed with everything you need for your next music festival. We do the packing, so you can focus on the music.

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Customer Stories

This seriously has everything! All the things I need are included, it's so much easier to have it all put together for me, and in the cutest way. I love it!

Annah, May 10 2019

I think this was a pretty cool and thoughtful idea! Definitely would recommend:) And the best part is that it has my middle name “Elisa” hahaha!!

Jeanette, May 7 2019

Exactly as described. Will be the perfect accessory for any festival or just in general. Highly Recommend!! XO

Calex, May 3 2019

Love Love this bag!!! has everything you could ever need!

Alex, June 12 2019

Love this bag! Has everything I need in it. Got multiple compliments <3

Julia, May 2 2019

This bag is flawless. 10/10 awesome

Lilah, May 2 2019